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tv   [untitled]    July 8, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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markets. scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. from phones to. screen stocks on t.v. dot com. in some pieces books available in. grand hotel emerald. is a club school who turns photo in the big old. corinthian the ski pundits say kempinski twenty two.
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thousands of protesters frustrated with the rate of reform are filling cairo's tahrir square what's being dubbed a million man march protesting the interim government. palestinian activists weave a swap of their ships for planes to reach gaza after a convoy of humanitarian vessels is halted. the final launch of atlantis marks the end of the u.s. space shuttle program an end of an era leaving potentially tens of thousands without. seven pm and. be with us here on our t.v. our top. story thousands of people are protesting in egypt's tahrir square to voice
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their anger at the interim government over the country's sluggish rate of reform dubbed as a million man march the rallies expected to be the biggest demonstration since february's uprising protesters want to keep up pressure for change on the country's interim military rulers and see former regime officials brought to trial parties and he said no way has more from cairo thousands of protesters are back on palm sunday or they're calling it the second phase of the info because they say their freedom will soon leave then they got rid of mubarak you know their high banking officials but now egypt be the same way it was before january so a little bit little would face a little mubarak so mean to mark's father was there having them running the country the. people are still here they come back to where the revolution was born and now they want to take to the universities they want to take back the factories to the worst places and make take it away or it's really good we don't know how many
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people was on there going to stay some later going to sacred number that takes two under the real changes here in egypt i think this thing there was no security. here it's people. that are checking god doing security it's heavy risking justice has died it's my back pocket and read some people here are going to keep on fighting see the egypt that the revolution began for lot of different political parties religious parents here they all like different things but i think they can come together on the fact that it's not the i'm not the reason in the beginning i need to change it they're going to keep on coming back. reporting from cairo and you know way arts. for more on our egypt coverage you can follow a niece's latest twitter updates she's got all the details on the breaking developments from tahrir square eyewitness accounts and fresh dates on the demonstrations log onto our twitter and find us at our t underscore.
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tearing out of the u.k. where a former editor of the news of the world's been arrested in connection with a phone hacking scandal at the country's biggest selling newspaper paper's former royal editor has also been arrested on suspicion of bribing police scandals prompted the prime minister to announce two inquiries into the ethics and practices of the british press one hundred sixty year old paper is accused of hacking into the phones of thousands of targets including murder and terror victims dead soldiers and politicians its owner rupert murdoch's news international has announced the paper will close after this sunday's final edition media analyst phil reason tells r.t. although the scandal is a blow to the company it is strong enough to weather the storm. i think something changed this week you know for decades british prime ministers have been on the needs to the to the middle press because they knew that when the sun which is his main daily newspaper here in britain when the sun supported
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a british politician running for prime minister you know they wanted it and then you'd find in the next day you'd find the prime minister reading the sun looking like an idiot saying well the sun got me elected i mean so you've got this demeaning of british democracy is that missing democracy really which the press with that but that i think and that was that there was silence as well because important people needed the murdoch press and they couldn't be they couldn't attack it because of that and i think a line was crossed rupert murdoch has a very finely tuned business brain he has a lot of things going on now one of them is to purchase the largest satellite network in britain b. sky b. and that decision is about to be approved by the government that was in jeopardy i think he felt that as a businessman he had to sacrifice the new. of the world because it in terms of the whole news international it's a tiny part of all that but i tell you the most important thing bill in my view is that the political cast have been sucking up to rupert murdoch for so many years
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including prime minister david cameron he now has to stand back and say no i can't do it anymore it's gone too bad. stay with us here on our team still to come this hour. without a space program or pretty much nothing i mean this is what the beach is built on the space program you know it's a lot of people are going to. be out in. millions await the final launch of the shuttle atlantis but for many the historic moment is bittersweet. first though georgia claims the high profile photographers arrested in the capital tbilisi have been spying for a foreign state before detained are accused of providing information to another country to the detriment of georgia's interests among them is the president's for personal photos as well as an employee for the european press photo agency the photographer is deny the allegations arrest come as nine others were jailed for up to fourteen years for spying for moscow the russian foreign ministry says tbilisi
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is actions indicate the state of democracy and freedom of speech there meanwhile a member of the georgian opposition movement tells r t the spy claims are meant to foster anti moscow sentiment as a means of boosting president saakashvili is control. well it's not true to write novels. he. sees the main be. the list of what was the and mean libya's new ways to live and he she. power because the second. and some of the uncertainty is going to will keep her and got a few in the. war in europe. to lie. in the. key. and not but he's going to get. an agency or since.
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nasa's final shuttle flight is due to blast off within the hour with up to a million spectators waiting to watch the historic launch it's the hundred thirty fifth flight to the thirty year history of america's space shuttle program experts had warned of a high chance launch would be delayed by bad weather but astronauts have now been given the green light as artie's got a cheeky on reports it's also a poignant moment for those who have devoted their lives to the program. empty shells of what was once florida's thriving space coast. up to ten thousand people will be out of a job as soon as the last shuttle makes its final voyage back to earth home to many of the kennedy space center workers rochlitz is on the verge of becoming a ghost town without the space program or pretty much nothing i mean this is what you know the beach is built on the space program you know just
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a lot of people are going to be out of jobs sorry to be out of homes people are going on welfare left and right food stamps anthony chris a fully spent twenty three years with the shuttle launch team as an engineer with a plan to splice thing off for its final mission it means the end of his career with nasa and the beginning of uncertainty a year ago he started looking for a new job to no avail i have applied for jobs and so far i haven't gotten any concrete responses there's not that many jobs out there for sure the u.s. scrapped its shuttle program and now wants the private sector to come up with ways to get astronauts to space and several companies are working on new vehicles but it's not clear when they'll be able to deliver them one thing is certain though they'll be able to hire only a fraction of the skilled space industry workers will be out of work soon this is the first shuttle ever it never made it to space but it was going to put tests before the columbia shuttle first launch into space in nineteen eighty one
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a total of five shuttles had been used. space missions since that two of them were lost them tragic accidents a nine hundred eighty six and in two thousand and three those lawsuits and the skyrocketing price for each launch gradually let to the cancellation of the program but critics say it's hard to estimate the losses that the end of the shuttle program will bring about both for the space industry and the people involved i think it's a really bad thing for the united states to lose this skilled workforce it's going to be difficult to rebuild it for years the shuttle is being the only vehicle that could ferry crew and a massive load of cargo to space officials say one of the reasons the program was scrapped is that it's safer and cheaper to send cargo and people separately something that russia for example has been doing for many years but whatever the reasons for scrapping the thirty year old program for those who devoted their lives to it is the end of their dream job it's kind of sad because i've already seen
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a lot fewer of my friends go and nobody's there being more people that are probably in may never see again it also means the end of a once vibrant scientific community that's grown up around the shuttle going to shut down. hundreds of pro steam activists are being blocked in their attempts to reach gaza by air as they try to defy israeli policies many are being stopped at european airports several have been deported as they arrived in tel aviv the move comes a week after a flotilla of a dozen ships bound for gaza was prevented from leaving the port in greece for more on this we go live to our teams paulus lear. so paula some of the activists have made it through to ben gurion international airport what's the situation once they get there and what do we know about the whereabouts of the others. well dozens of activists are being interrogated as i speak to you here at ben gurion international airport only a few have actually managed to trickle through and it's not quite clear how the israeli police and security have allowed them to go through because there are still
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hundreds of police and security officers both inside and outside of benghazi and international now have put me back to latif of the palestine solidarity campaign and she is one of the few people who's actually managed to come through you on the phone with the activists who are being interrogated here at the airport what are they telling you. this telling me that they were taken from passport control. and they had already announced what they were doing that they were going to bethlehem to stay in the aida camp and taken to a separate holding they as i spoke on the phone they said the heavies were coming in and they were about to be interrogated you flew in from england what kind of examinations what kind of checks did you have to undergo there some of the number also interrogations by our own security but they were asked to know their names and addresses they were asked where they were going and they were told that they were going to be left on the tarmac in bangor ian in forty degrees of heat this course
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would not be possible this would be a human rights violation so there was intimidation from england to the travelers coming to bangor in today but the how do you think you managed to get through i mean to to yourself go through any kind of intimidation no i didn't i actually think i literally slipped through the net just me as far as i can tell there is only one of us there are forty or fifty people waiting hoping not to be deported likely to be deported and there's me so it's up to me to be their voice and to put forward the point of view especially of people in the u.k. but there are people from belgium and from france and scotland from all over the u.k. waiting to come through what is really the intention. if your campaign is it to reach god's will is a prophet to draw attention to the situation there it is partly what is actually best to him as our first point and we really want to make a lot of visits in the west bank we've been invited and if this is
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a big day well tomorrow is a big day tomorrow the ninth of july is the tell you the u.n. resolution was passed which. made the wall illegal and i asked governments around the world to to pressure israel not this will as we all know the wall has gone up twice the height of the persian wall very many times longer and it is illegal so we're marking the united nations day you know all governments all over afraid to do anything about this and we're not the israeli security measures have been mocked for being ridiculous are you surprised by the way the israelis have reacted to do you think it's some kind of psychological wall i don't know why netanyahu wants to whip people's passions up the whole time as if we were a threat i mean look at me look at me i'm a british woman i came deeply about peace and justice i care deeply about just peace both sides we all do and tell him and
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yet netanyahu sees us as a threat he says us as a threat to the legitimization of israel how can we be a threat and yet he whips up the israelis he gets carotene pouring all over the airport he gets the british police the french police to stop activists coming out we never planned to demonstrate we always planned to be here and be here for this day and enjoy the the cultural activities of the palestinians on the west bank and to truth with the israelis as well but you have it and it's true as far as we can tell that it is the only activist who have actually made it through to the arrivals hall here and as i'm speaking to you there must be dozens of security officers i'm looking at there surrounding the area and yet she has managed to come through and talk to us here in r.t. . r t is paulus we are live for us at bangor international airport thank you much for that report. from our perspective on this and the activist mission i'm joined
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by david harris executive director of the american jewish committee thanks very much for joining us here on r t so israel is gearing up for the arrival of these protestors and these activists what do you think is likely to happen when they reach the airport if any of them do well i think they're going to be stopped and they're going to be put back on planes and returned home but the fact the matter is that it's well known these are provocateurs whose goal is to deal with israel and to promote the agenda of hamas a terrorist group and guns are now israel claims the campaign is trying to tarnish its image on the world stage in stage and surely they have their perspective at the same time with the gaza blockade and the settlement expansion and the deaths of nine activists on the previous flotilla do you think they're not doing themselves perhaps many favors when it comes to their p.r. efforts well i think you're lumping together a lot of things that have no context and if we had time we could provide the context but the simple fact the matter is that we could be facing now and act the peace process between israelis and palestinians if the palestinians chose to sit at
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the table but they've chosen not to sit at the table in fact of the country they've chosen to get into bed with from us a terrorist group that is. due to such by the united states and by the european union so we need to be clear about what the principle obstacle to moving the peace process forward is and that's the palestinian refusal to sit down and talk face to face with israel a country that they're prepared to accept and recognize now on wednesday the israeli foreign minister warned the palace dean's not to pursue statehood in a u.n. vote that's planned for september saying that unilateral steps require unilateral responses what kind of response do you think israel is hinting at well again first of all we need to understand that if the palestinians decide to move unilaterally they're violating both the spirit in the letter of previous agreements secondly they need to understand that it's not going to get them where they want to go even if they get support in the u.n. from countries like venezuela and pakistan and north korea and the rest it's not going to. change anything on the ground the only thing that could do is complicate
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the peace process further so for those who are truly interested in advancing the peace process as we have agency or for example the goal is to get the people back to the table and not to allow the un to become a diversion to increase palestinian expectations of what's going to happen only discover that nothing has changed on the ground if anything things got worse and president obama says if that box to vote takes place the u.s. won't support it but what do you think will happen when the vote happens if it does come up for a vote before the u.n. well first of all bravo to president obama for having the principle in the courage to say this is not the right way to go and the united states is going to veto it and bravo to countries like germany and italy and the netherlands and others that have now come forward and said the exact same thing we want to two state agreement this is not the way to go and we're going to oppose it so if the policies go forward the general assembly has no legal power it only has symbolic power but again if they go forward unilaterally they leave the door open to israel to consider its own unilateral options the peace process moves backward when those of
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us the united states and elsewhere want desperately to move forward so what extent do you think israel can count on its support from the u.s. absolutely first of all the president states very clear in his willingness to exercise the veto if necessary secondly the u.s. israel relationship today is the strongest it's been a very long time and thirdly the speech by the prime minister of israel to the u.s. congress interrupted by thirty separate standing ovations i think reveals the fact that support for israel the united states comes from the right the left democrats republicans and it explains why america stands so strongly with its democratic friend israel now speaking regionally one of israel's security concerns is from iran and iran does have a nuclear program what do you think there could be a conflict in the region because of this and to what extent do you think israel is ready to keep iran from gaining nuclear weaponry but first of all i hope there is no conflict no one wants to see. conflict secondly iran is not just an israel
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problem as any of the arab countries that surround iran as we have if we visit many of them iran is first on their list in the wiki leaks proves that iran is first on the list so it's a problem for russia it's a problem for the arab world it's a problem for europe it's a problem for israel the us and europe of said we want to solve this problem it should be up to israel to solve the problem but israel will do what it has to do if it considers its existence in danger and when the iranian leader says i want to world without israel we saw when another person said it adolf hitler the world did not take them seriously israel takes the iranian leadership seriously we hope the rest of the world the us to the right david harris executive director of the american jewish committee thank you very much for that. when it comes to cutting edge research it seems that russia is still a major player in our close up series coming up we explore one doctor's amazing medical legacy.
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this time we bring you to the court in a region in southern siberia in the middle of the twentieth century it became a center for soviet orthopedics with a surgeon there developing a revolutionary method of bone restructuring decades later the breakthrough is still being used to help people overcome disabilities artie's oksana boycott reports. the soviet union and russia give the world many great inventions and what special about them is that the technology behind the snow house is often very simple darry basic yet they remain in service for many many decades take this they use the rocket for example it was designed back in the sixty's the design hasn't changed that much yet do these day it remains the most reliable and actually at this point of time the only means of transporting humans to the international space station but today we want to introduce you to the great invention of which proved just as durable and this is the frame of the. it was first designed back in the
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fifty's but it still remains the main orthopedic technique for treating bone fractures all sorts of deformities and injuries as well as for a limp lengthening our next story is about that. for both of them it's about walking tall eight year old in his leg left leg and twenty seven year old japanese engineer with lagging self-confidence and didn't choose his predicament very much did turn centimeters shorter than the average height for men in japan because without some employers refuse to hire me one of them told me directly but i was too short to deal with the clients could you just already spent three months in this hospital and plans to stay for another four to add the coveted seven centimeters to his stature it may seem. like a tall order but the actual surgery is fairly simple though painful invented by the famed soviet orthopedic of really lazareff in the nineteen fifties these frames for
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initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them up for their for stimulating tissue regeneration it was sort of was able to reshape arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life be sent to the other patients bones in their shattered lives in main goal when professing designed his first brain using bicycle parts sixty years later his invention is increasingly being used to help people who are eager to fracture their legs to become a few centimeters taller than the ultimate goal is still the same fixing somebodies lives both literally and figuratively about a third of patients admitted she was out of center now days seeking series three focus magic reasons most of them are men and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor novick of who operated on many of them sas it usually comes down to man's pride. the first patient to turn to us with
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a leg like the mean request to meet his fifteen centimeters to be still want to surgery because his partner has to than him like to say that we need to break their legs in order to fix their head maybe nothing wrong with them from an orthopedic point of view but there is something psychological that prevents them from living their lives fully being happy and we fix it like lengthening surgeries are banned in many countries and even the will out there pretty expensive but in russia the entire course costs about one tenth of the similar package in the united states. financial considerations for one of the reasons that brought this washington state to western siberia if he's main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared in the. in america average is one seventy five i was one sixty seven or one sixty eight and so eight centimeters would have brought me right to are very nice i
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just wanted to be average for women height isn't so important you know i think girl can be short and it's not a big deal i think a guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most mad a russian girl who found he's a regional hype why didn't deering if he still would want to have a. adding seven more centimeters to he self-confidence she took told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're pretty cool so now or so they call you so what a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations sound like an artsy on the region let's go live now to some pictures of the atlanta space shuttle it's the last ever liftoff from florida there you can see the cat being lifted off. and soon we're going to see the last space shuttle mission as we've mentioned it's on it's going on its one hundred thirty fifth space shuttle mission this job is to take vital supplies for the astronauts up to the international space
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station thousands of people have gathered near kennedy space center in anticipation of this final launch now there was doubt over whether the weather would cooperate because there are some bad conditions there but it appears as though they're going to go ahead with the flight and the preparations continue throughout the morning now two million liters of fuel have been loaded into the shuttle's tanks for the last flight of the atlantis marks the end of the space shuttle era for nasa which has decided to shut down the program and let the private sector firms take over and find ways to get astronauts up into space there you can see the shuttle clock a minute twenty. and we're going to keep with these live pictures until the launch happens snow and suppression waters settle program has been going on for about thirty years now and it's definitely an american tradition it's going to be. a hard hit for a lot of people living in the local area like we've been reporting here on our team much of the local community is based around the shuttle program all the support staff need in order to get these miraculous machines off the ground into space.
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on oxygen that provide fuel in greenbelt or close to. the miners forty seconds handing off to atlantis is computers at t. minus thirty one. united states the five thirty three cargo plane but you're in the thirty second mark a good year. soon we will see the shuttle begin to warm up read a lot sequencer. three partners. now they stop the clock if they had talked earlier about some inclement weather that might be keeping the shuttle launch from happening very quickly prevailed perhaps we could be seeing a deal right here. the progress. there were perfect there with the crew right now ok what are you going to talk over your group while you are correct please.
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i don't work for one second we put a verification record. are fully retracted. at this point the crowds are waiting with bated breath to see whether this launch will actually happen or whatever they'll be a slight delay because of the weather and because of the hazy conditions. ok you can buy that will be private. and the word. that we both write about great all right and that it would be if you could curb the head of the requirement that you are prepared to go ok i copy and watch for. her program all right very good at media we get there but there are curricula were also listening in on the conversation between the shuttle and ordinator is really true you have her go without it but work like you are on a complete. victory
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we haven't worked. all right guys. at the microphone. every three minutes but. i couldn't be allowed but what we were ready to go all right very good and walked up with that crap we're going to let everything go for there are we are going up the clock here momentarily as we've also been reporting a bust will mark the end of the u.s. space shuttle program making the russian soyuz capsule the only way of getting it up to the international space station something that's going to be a lifeline for the i s s and now the countdown has resumed twenty five seconds to go over the soyuz program will be a lifeline for you says up until twenty other private firms within the u.s. come up with an alternative to the space shuttle program something that we've been report.


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